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…well the journey began decades ago, in high school actually. I was lazy, and dropped the class after 1 semester. Began again in 1989, when I took one semester of college Spanish. I did well but didn’t continue. So I took off a few more decades (more or less). Then began to try to learn Spanish on my own. I bought CD’s, books, even Rosetta Stone software. The desire did not wane; on the contrary, it has increased. September 2009 I enrolled in a small private Spanish academy called Somos Amigos. While attending Somos Amigos I became more determined to become fluent in Spanish. So the following January I enrolled in the second semester of college Spanish (102) at Mat-su college. The following September I enrolled in year 2 semester one of Spanish (201) at UAA. January 2011 I enrolled in 202. I joined a meet-up (a group of Spanish speakers of all levels who meet often to enhance their language skills.) I have begun to “collect” Spanish speaking facebook friends and communicate often with them on chat.

I discovered the Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis. He suggests a blog about my fluency journey.  so well here it is…..

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