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Today is monumental day for me. It marks the day I begin to count my remaining work days in days not years. I have set my retirement day for November 12th 2016. That day was chosen because I will have five years with my present job on November 10th and be fully vested in the 401K system and our payroll system will only pay for holidays if you work the day before and the day after. I want to get paid for Veterans Day 2016 so 11/12/2016 it is.
I am amused because although a year seems a long way off; recently, maybe not so recently, the weeks seem to fly by. Go figure.
I have a lot to get ready so that as soon after 11/12/16 as we can we can be headed for Panama.
The plan is to take only one of our 2 geriatric cats. Ghost will travel to New York and once again live with our daughter, Robyn. Elaine the other old cat will be made travel ready. Even though we are selling our house, packing a container with household goods the thing that stresses me the most is making a very contented cat leave her domain and settle somewhere completely foreign.
The next few months will need to be spent in declutter. This is a big project because we are both a bit pack-ratish. We have to get over the mindset of “we may need this _________ (fill in the blank) someday and what sense does it make to throw it away if we would someday have to buy another one?”. Obviously if we are going to build boats, houses, etc. we need tools so that is a no-brainer, but how many shoes, pairs of jeans, t-shirts, etc. Also obvious we won’t be bringing all our winter clothes, but how soon should we unload that stuff? I guess it makes sense to keep some of it until fall of next year and then just donate it to thrift stores or Freecycle.
So far we have had two Mondays with very slow commutes because of weather. Over-night snow storms and rush-hour traffic make for a tense drive. We commute to Anchorage which is over 20 miles away and usually takes less than half an hour, but on when it snows that can be up to two hours if we don’t get on the road early and by early I mean before 6 a.m. This is doable but we have to forgo workout.

Annual meeting of the summer tire club. Just kidding not really this bad (yet).

We had planned to vacation in Panamá this coming January, but Ken’s work schedule will not permit it and mine won’t permit it until mid-summer. We don’t like leaving Alaska in summer because that is the best time to be up north. So I think we will just stay-cation for the next 12 months using our time-off to prepare for the move. Once we have moved we can spend our retired days on perpetual vacation. Just kidding, I know this is a bit of a delusion; there will be plenty of work. But no boss, our own timetable and a major change of latitude –remember folks –I was born, raised and have lived 60+ years in Alaska, 61° North!
Well enough for now. Any help keeping my focus is welcome; sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with the scope of this endeavor.


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    • Barbara Russell
    • Posted November 13, 2015 at 6:51 pm
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    How exciting ! I for one will miss you terribly when you go.

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