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I am an animal lover! so this type of community effort I very close to my heart. I plan on working with the animal group in the community where I retire.

In Da Campo

I just noticed how the word “cansada” meaning “tired” looks pretty close to “Canadian” which I also am.  But yesterday at the end of a busy, busy day I was “cansada”.

It all began with an early rise for the the big spay and neuter event in our little community.  Our animal group has worked very hard for the last year to fund-raise for just such an event in the hopes that we could get our town folk to buy into the idea of having their pets sterilized.  All our work paid off fantastically with the completion of 180 sterilizations.  The beginning of the day, looked something like this:


We had many volunteers from within our community and beyond.  Everyone’s job was important; from giving out the registration numbers, caring for an animal whose owner was unable to be there, pre-op, transportation both around town and from one station to another…

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