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We are keeping busy with the required preparations for our move to Panamá. In order to fund the move we must liquidate our assets. That means selling our house. We want to get the best sale price so some upgrades are necessary. The low hanging fruit in our case is paint. So we are painting. We are also replacing the base trim in the entire house. We made the mistake of installing medium density fiberboard (MDF) when we built the house in 2004. MDF looks great when it is new, it takes paint well BUT in real life it gets bumped (like when you are vacuuming) or wet it begins to fall apart. So out it comes and down goes rubber base where we have vinyl composition tile (VCT) and Extrutech Colonial Casing for trimming the laminate floors.

As of March 15th our painting and rubber base installation is nearly finished in the day-light basement. Perhaps 2 more weekends. The basement flooring is all VCT which will need to have the wax stripped and reapplied before we show the house for sale. I am trying to save money by stripping the wax myself, BIG JOB! I have discovered it is a bit of a work out, hour after hour or scrubbing and scraping. But it seems I will do anything to avoid painting. It is a good thing Ken is a professional grade house painter. The basement is looking great. I just have to avoid messing up the nice clean walls!

Another big project is downsizing our possessions. It is not as difficult as I had originally imagined. I started off by reading a great book “The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life” by Francine Jay. I really enjoying finding things I no longer need and selling them on Craig’s List, or giving them away on freecycle or donating them to thrift stores. I am not so much of a fan of the trash bin but I had to face it some things just belong there.

On a totally different subject (my blog I can do that!) I have a new obsession. I just discovered TED Talks. If you haven’t heard of it you will be amazed of the quantity, quality and variety of these lectures. So here are few of my favorites:

Well that ought to get you started.

But it get even better if you like me are learning Spanish there are many lectures in Spanish with subtitles (choose English, Spanish or several other languages) and many have transcripts available so you can read along. That is a win-win! Learn something new and learn it in my target language. Here is the TED Talk search page, sort by topic, language, duration, etc.


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  1. Adding another EXCELLENT TED Talk Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age

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